We just had our 34ft. motorhome detailed by a detailer we have never used before and we were amazed at the difference in the appearance of our RV. When we took it to him, the outside was faded and weather-worn, to say the least.  The Shine is so amazing! We told him what a wonderful job he did and he said the credit really goes to the product he used, which was Shine On. He said he has NEVER had results like that before. We feel proud again when we pull in to the RV parks!”
Gene and Lorene RV owners

“We just wanted to let you know how much we love the way our boat looks. We took it in to have it detailed to the same company we always use, and when we went to pick it up from the detail shop, we thought we had the wrong boat! But Mark assured us that it was ours, and told us he was using a new product now. The shine is amazing and my husband is impressed that there are no swirl marks. What ever you did, you did it right!”
Mr. and Mrs. J. Romberg Boat Enthusiasts

As the owner of a charter bus company with a fleet of 16 buses, I have to tell you that my staff has expressed their gratitude about purchasing your product. Mainly the guys in the detail department. The turn around time on getting these buses cleaned up and detailed and back on the road has shortened tremendously! The amount of labor has been reduced to a third of what it was in the past, and the “No buffing” has made everyone happy. Not only am I saving money on labor costs, but the coaches look like they never have before! I will continue to order and use your product. Thank you!”
 P. Riley    Charter bus owner

We live on the lake and like most people, we have several different kinds of watercraft. Our boat is fairly new, but our jet-skis were getting a little faded and rough looking. I wanted to buy new ones but my wife put the brakes on that idea. She went down to our local marina and asked what they recommended we use to get our jet-ski’s looking good. He gave her SHINE ON and said it was easy to apply and we would love the results. I had my doubts. We followed the manufacturer’s instructions and cleaned the jet-skis first with the surface cleaner, and then applied the actual SHINE ON product. Immediately the surface was shiny and glossy and looked like it did when they were brand new! And all we had to do was wipe it on! I would recommend this product to ANYONE who wants to renew their watercraft and save money!” 

Dear Shine On, I would like to thank you for such an outstanding product.  After several hours of heavy buffing on a 1987 Executive RV, I decided to give the “Shine-On” product a try.  I contacted the company and they were able to ship the fiberglass restoration kit to me that same day.  Much to the delight of myself and the customer, the Shine On product worked amazingly.  I complete the surface preparation as instructed and then began applying the clear coat application.  After just a few hours the project was finished and we had a factory restored shine on this once heavily oxidized RV.  I am truly impressed and look forward to additional opportunities to add this service to my detailing business.
Sincerely, Kevin Nelson Premier Detailing