Here are some of our most
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after they applied the Shine On Fiberglass Restoration to there RV.

Bottom completed 14 months ago and sat through a Cleveland winter. Top not done at all. RV is a 2014.
Submitted 7/29/2021

I bought your Shine On kit for RVs a few weeks ago. Honestly, i was a little skeptical. This product turned out to be AMAZING! the results are outstanding. Shine On you have my vote and I'll be using the product for a long time.
- Jerry 8/11/2020

Before and AFter Shine On

Before Shine On

After Shine On

Before Shine On

After Shine On

Here is a Customer sent in video of his restoration using Shine On. With photos!  - Thanks Tim!

SHINE ON Restoration for RV's Testimonial photo of application and results

I just did my race trailer with your stuff and it looks amazing.
The trailer was oxidized so badly it was like chaulk. Your product is amazing. -Will
May 2020

I bought the Shine On RV kit a couple of weeks ago - very good product. I have been recommending it to other people in the park! 2020

I bought your product recently. I have a 95 35 foot 5th wheel trailer. It's in mesa. Hasn't moved in at least 10 years. I've just finished. I've stopped at 8 coats. And have to say it works very well. I had hoped for at least a cleaner looking surface but it actually shines! 2020

I just want to thank you for a good product. I saw it online when looking for a fiberglass restorer for my travel trailer. I had used other products that required buffing and lots of effort. Your product actually is as easy as you describe it. I am pleased with the results and looking forward to only a small bit of maintenance yearly. Again thank you for your product. 2019
- Roger

Shine On gelcoat restorer is a great product. The gelcoat on the hood of my new motor home was faded in places. The Ford body shop gave me an estimate of $1400 to restore. The manufacturer only would allow $700. After reading about Shine On, I decided to try it out. I followed the directions exactly, putting on 8 coats. The results are showroom quality, and the hood shines like it should! Thank you for this great product! 2020

Hi Shine On. I live in Calgary, AB Canada. I put your Sample product on two locations of my RV and thru the last month & a huge snow storm, it looks great. 2019

I finished my Winnebago View with your product. WOW! 2019

Thank you for a product that lives up to the hype.
I bought a 2006 class A and had to remove some decals. under them it was shiny but the rest was dull and ugly. Your shine on products were simple to use and hardly and the only work was moving the ladder. My bus looks new on the outside and we love the results. 2019
- Jim

We live on the lake and like most people, we have several different kinds of watercraft. Our boat is fairly new, but our jet-skis were getting a little faded and rough looking. I wanted to buy new ones but my wife put the brakes on that idea. She went down to our local marina and asked what they recommended we use to get our jet-ski’s looking good. He gave her SHINE ON and said it was easy to apply and we would love the results. I had my doubts. We followed the manufacturer’s instructions and cleaned the jet-skis first with the surface cleaner, and then applied the actual SHINE ON product. Immediately the surface was shiny and glossy and looked like it did when they were brand new! And all we had to do was wipe it on! I would recommend this product to ANYONE who wants to renew their watercraft and save money!” 

“We just wanted to let you know how much we love the way our boat looks. We took it in to have it detailed to the same company we always use, and when we went to pick it up from the detail shop, we thought we had the wrong boat! But Mark assured us that it was ours, and told us he was using a new product now. The shine is amazing and my husband is impressed that there are no swirl marks. What ever you did, you did it right!”
Mr. and Mrs. J. Romberg Boat Enthusiasts

Dear Shine On, I would like to thank you for such an outstanding product.  After several hours of heavy buffing on a 1987 Executive RV, I decided to give the “Shine-On” product a try.  I contacted the company and they were able to ship the fiberglass restoration kit to me that same day.  Much to the delight of myself and the customer, the Shine On product worked amazingly.  I complete the surface preparation as instructed and then began applying the clear coat application.  After just a few hours the project was finished and we had a factory restored shine on this once heavily oxidized RV.  I am truly impressed and look forward to additional opportunities to add this service to my detailing business.
Sincerely, Kevin Nelson Premier Detailing