Shine On is a much needed product that was started by the Hansen’s. The Hansen’s have been in the professional detailing business for almost 30 years.They are known in the their local area as perfectionists and one of the best at what they do. Their experience in this industry is what brought Shine On to the surface, literally!! The Hansen’s understand and can relate to the issues that CONSTANTLY come up about detailing! Trying to bring an oxidized surface back to a factory new shine? Almost impossible. Working with buffers, their chords, the weight and the labor that comes with it? Intense! Trying to HIRE people that know HOW to use a buffer and don’t need micro-managed? Very few! Delivering an RV or Boat back to the owner without at least 1 or 2 swirls marks? Almost unheard of! Asking your supply guy “Got anything new, yet, that requires no buffing?” Never! Until NOW!!

The idea of Shine On has been thought of in many a head, I’m sure. But for 3 years, the Hansen’s have put their heart and soul in to working with a chemist and a manufacturer to develop a product that will do what they say and want it to do! Some of the “musts” were that it not yellow, lasts a long time, has UV protection so as not to continue to oxidize, can be applied without buffing, and that it SHINES like crazy! The Hansen’s take great pride in saying that they have accomplished their goal! Shine On is a unique  sealer, NOT a wax or compound, that was developed for fiberglass and gel-coat restoration. Although some components of Shine On may be found in other types of products, Shine On has components and chemicals that were developed SPECIFICALLY for Shine On for use on fiberglass and gel-coat, NOT a polyurethane, or a varnish!

The Hansen’s also understand that, in this industry, convincing an old dog of a new trick will be the hardest part of Shine On. We are so used to the traditional ways of detailing an RV/Boat or Airplane, and the the intense labor that comes with it, that we have a hard time believing something could be as easy as wiping it on! Well, put down your buffers and pick up Shine On and see how EASY it really is!

First, prep the surface with Shine On Surface Cleaner as per the instructions. Very easy. Just like you would before applying anything! Prepping the surface is an important part and essential part of the Shine On application.
Second, apply Shine On clear coat to your micro fiber towel and wipe it on in nice easy strokes! That’s it! Just let it dry and apply additional coats as needed, until you get to the shine! Maintain your vehicle or vessel through out the year by routinely washing with a mild soap or wash and wax product, and then once a year apply 1 to 2 coats of the clear coat and you will be shining for years! No buffing!  Its really that easy!