SHINE ON-Restores Shine To Old Weather Damaged Fiberglass And Gel-Coat

Fiberglass/Gel-Coat Surface Restoration Repair Product. Simple&Easy-Wipe On Clear Coat!
Do you struggle to make your RV or Boat shine with buffers and wax?

We can restore the shine no matter how bad it is, without buffing and all that hard work!!

                 On orders of $99.95 and over.
We Can Make It Shine!! Guaranteed!!! Or We’ll Give Your Money Back!!

Shine On is a restoration sealer, not a wax, that will provide a superior seal coat shine and protection to gel-coat, fiberglass, and painted aluminum such as on travel trailers and campers. Shine On does not require buffing. The shine is produced as layers are applied. The process is simple and easy. Just clean and scrub the surface with our fiberglass surface cleaner, let the surface dry, then wipe on the clear coat, adding additional coats until you achieve the shine you desire.

It really is that simple!

Cleaning of the fiberglass and gel-coat is the most important part of the process. Shine On will achieve that sprayed on clear coat look without that expensive cost! With Shine On, your RV, Boat and more will resist oxidation and maintain that glossy finish all season long.

If you have buffed and waxed your Boat or RV, you know that it’s a lot of work! All those hours! Not to mention the cost of the products and the end results were not what you expected! Swirl and buffer marks that just won’t go away, and an uneven shine in the surface and in only a few months later your back to that dull surface you had before you started!!
LET US HELP! Shine On Will restore your surface to that factory new look it had when it was new. With just a few simple and easy steps, and half the labor compared to buffing and waxing, you can achieve the results that until now, only the professionals could give. You can achieve the professional look of a sprayed on clear coat, at a fraction of the cost, and have the satisfaction of doing it your self!
If you have any questions about our product, we would be more then happy to answer them! Fell free to call or email us! We have over 30 years experience restoring and repairing the surfaces of Boats and RV’s


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